Ballistic Overkill

Opening the list, we have a frantic PvP in which the bullet eats loose. Ballistic Overkill is a fast paced shooter with a simple objective, make your team win and stay alive. For this, you can choose from 7 classes and more than 80 different weapons. Can you dodge so many bullets at the same time?

Metal Slug

No list of action games is really good if they don’t put Metal Slug on it. One of the greatest classics of arcades and bus stations. There are dozens of enemies at the same time, combat weapons with upgrades, hostages and fighting machines to make your missions more fun and less impossible.

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a game that tries to bring together two styles that were played a lot during the 90s, the dungeon games and shooting games impossible to reset without continuing. Despite the graphics and simple gameplay, the game itself is very challenging and fun, making it a great option for nostalgic gamers or those who like challenges.

Left 4 Dead (Franchise)

Nothing better than being with your friends, right? So, gather three of them and try to survive the hordes of zombies that constantly appear in Left 4 Dead . With lots of weapon options and few places to hide, fun and action are guaranteed, just don’t forget to DO NOT PROVIDE WITCH

Player Unknown Battlegrounds

A worldwide phenomenon that came as a surprise in the gamer world, Player Unknown Battlegrounds is a competitive MMO game in which survival is victory, and any tool is a weapon. Gather your friends, form a team and face your enemies on a giant map that shrinks over time.


When it comes to action, Doom is one of the most popular names for years. The game that is considered as one of the great classics of the FPS genre has a wide variety of enemies, powerful weapons and a simple and effective style. Face your demons (with the right to pun) with this great game.


Even at the bottom of the sea, the action also rolls loose. In Bioshock , after suffering a plane crash, you end up in the underwater city of Rapture. Surrounded by corpses and protectors who want to kill you, your mission is to stay alive in this place where no one can find you.

Rainbow Six Siege

Matches with short rounds and intense action make Rainbow Six Siege one of the most played multiplayer FPS games in the current competitive landscape. With a more diverse mechanics than current shooting games, Rainbow Six Siege is a great option for players looking for new and intense experiences.

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