The gay and lesbian community can wear t shirts with any of the colors of the rainbow but it’s important to remember that they are still sexually oriented. If you can’t make up your mind about what to wear, you can always just wear plain white t shirts that say “Lesbian” Pride.

In the gay community, lesbians are usually the ones who are more vocal about lesbian pride. So, it’s understandable that even some gay people find it weird when the word lesbian is not present on their apparel.

Even though it’s not a big problem in the gay community, it is still a taboo among many others. Many heterosexuals prefer to see all the different sexual orientations in clothing because they consider homosexuality to be a non-inclusive term.

When clothing is not inclusive, then it may offend those with darker skin tone. Same as what some people find offensive about other sexual orientations. By just writing “lesbian” on a t shirt or other apparel, it gives others a chance to think of it as something totally new to them.

Now, these people can not judge you for your choice. It doesn’t mean that you are not nice.

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Try wearing some t shirts of your own. Find out what you like about them and what you do not like.

Gender neutral designs will fit everyone. They will also make you look more feminine or more masculine. That’s a fun way to make a fashion statement!

There are tons of style and design options for t shirts that indicate the sexual orientation of the wearer. They range from graphic shirts, to photos, to just plain words that say something about your status.

Lesbian pride t shirts are easily available and they will show up on any closet. But if you don’t want to show anything, just wear some plain t shirts.

For years, the popular word “lesbian” has been an encouragement and a means of self-acceptance for many women. Some of them will go as far as proclaiming that they are lesbians publicly.

However, there are many people who don’t feel comfortable announcing their lesbianism. So, they have opted to buy t shirts that will support the cause.

They enjoy showing support for lesbian love and acceptance but not too much to the point where the t shirts could offend others. They don’t like to stand out or be made to feel inadequate.




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