If a person new to software development writing and reading this blog is the greatest advice we can give: this stuff is a lot to learn, but your greatest helper will be the customer who is forced to do this job for you. And as you develop your horizons as kodladik will open, and you will do better research. 11 blog site that will help you to do this research, we have compiled. I hope this would be useful.


1.Six Revisions

Classic web development SixRevisions blog instead of a news site can be called Big. Practical useful articles for web developers and designers are published. You can add yourself so you can improve your skill here pretty good. Now you can cross!

2. Specky Boy

For me, Specky Boy design magazine as a blog page, while the block itself forgives. Just focus broadcaster Paul Andrew neck design resources not only Speccy but also provides useful information about the best web technologies. Especially front-end developers is an excellent source for constantly updated.

3.Smashing Magazine

Another celebrity that I like very much your design is a news site. Your new articles every day with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and related topics about the great resources it offers.

4.David Walsh

If you feel comfortable in the field of software development, you will definitely come across David Walsh’s blog. CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and more great articles you will find.


Instead of the short name oxp’s web development blog a web design blog, I think. However, development in the field of really helpful articles. You can find some useful tips or content about the new jquery HTML5 library. Get content you’ll definitely inspire.

6.To Stoyan phpied.com’u

A great blog that is worth browsing for hours. Facebook engineer Stoyan Stefanov developer’s personal blog, and the author of wonderful books! New articles, tools, and frameworks are one of the best places to explore.

7.Coding Horror

Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror is a great personal blog site. Offers information about the development of massive software engineering. Jeff shared their experiences that many great tips and resources this blog is for you.

8.Section Alex

JavaScript Alex Sexton’s personal blog so it’s very simple and to understand various topics related covers. Also, on the blog, you can find some new tools and trends that are waiting to be discovered.

9.Paul Irish

As a developer, Paul improves workflows, and tools that make life easier for other developers are known for creating. Google Chrome DevTools at Google is working on right now. Personal blog web-related articles published regularly, you can collect useful information.


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11.Mii – Institute Of Modern Ideas 🙂

I also put our own ad on the topic would also do you nicely Tie.  The world we shared We made a blog page design and software issues and trends that follow.



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